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Erotic aquatic massages in the city of Madrid

At PRIVÉ SPAce® Madrid we have a truly exceptional collection of massages, with which to offer our clients the largest range of erotic massages in the city of Madrid.

When our clients live the experience of having a massage

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How do relaxation and mindfulness guarantee erotic benefits? Discover it here!

A massage therapy, whether it is a tantric massage, a NURU massage or a body-to-body massage, always offers relaxation and a heightened state of spirituality and mindfulness. There has always been a discussion about how exactly mental

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Given the health alarm situation caused by COVID-19 that began to be experienced in Spain at the beginning of March, the management of PRIVÉ SPAce® Madrid made the firm decision to go ahead and close its Erotic Massage Center

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Cybersex in times of Coronavirus

Since before the emergence of COVID-19 in our lives, we were accustomed to seeing how the sex industry and sex in general were in continuous change and constant evolution thanks to new technologies. The way we contact other people, interact,

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